Eli's Moria Variant

First released version: 4 April 2002
Download: tar/gzip - 1837k or tar/bzip2 - 1437k

There are serveral source trees in this, hence the much larger size than the base moria distribution (~888k). My prefered one right now is the 'umoria-eli/my-wiz-build' version. Here is the changes list for that variant:

From pelpel@sta.att.ne.jp:
  Targeting ('a' in rogue-like commands, 'X' in original)
  Faster pseudo-ID
  Auto haggle option
  Allow any key to skip more option 

New special room type: round, sometimes with an encircling ring corridor

Weight limit: cannot pick up something that would bring you to more than
three times your weight limit (if you get weakened so that your load becomes
more than 3x your limit, you can still carry everything)

Initial characters have more inventory items

Changes to very deep dungeon (below 15000', level 300):
	'eery' levels
	possibility of very many rooms
	possibility of all rooms same 'type'

Wizard mode: '@' can create objects or monsters, '^]' save map to file

Hidden changes (in code): more comments, macros for some oft used functions

This code has only been tested on Linux. Proceed at your own risk.

I have a bunch more ideas to incorporate but I wanted to get this out now. (Some saved articles showing to do items.)