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This is a tool to help anagram a string. It does not create an anagram for you, but lists words you can find in a string and helps manage the letters remaining after taking words out.

If, for example, you entered "PLEASE HELP" in the Source string box and "SLEEP" in the Anagram in progress box, you could see that the letters remaining spell ALEPH and 24 other words.

By default, very short words are not displayed. You are expected to figure those out on your own. So the output won't lead you to PLEASE HELP = A HELP: SLEEP, but it is there.

All punctuation will be dropped from the input strings, and you will be warned if your anagram in progress contains letters not found in the original.

The scratchpad is a text box which is not modified or used, but simply there to hold notes, such as interesting words to try.

Anagram Helper © 2012 by B. Elijah Griffin

Candidate word lists produced with Wordplay by Evans A Criswell