Andor Cheatz

As described in this Andor's Trail forum post, my cheatz character can be downloaded here: Cheatz, level 1, 458758 exp

Original forum description of creating this file:

FWIW, I got my main character to Remgard and met Mr K--- who asked about Mr U---, it made me want to play through some of the game quests with different choices. But I didn't want to grind for a character strong enough to get to Remgard again. My grinding to get my main character up to level 70 (now) was quite enough.

So I set about figuring out how to edit the save file. It is trivial, in my opinion. I created a new character, saved it right before fighting my first small wasp and again right after then looked at what had changed. Score and gold are saved in two places, one for show and one for real.

The for real ones are 32 bit binary values and changing NULL-NULL-NULL-007 to NULL-007-NULL-NULL makes the value go up by a factor of 65536. Items in inventory are slightly trickier because you have to watch out for items worn or elsewhere (eg unpicked up loot), but not much. There's a Pascal string with item name (8 bit string length followed by item ID string) and then a 32 bit count of how many you have. Changing 012-a-p-p-l-e_-g-r-e-en-NULL-NULL-NULL-002 into 013-r-i-n-g-_-s-h-a-d-o-w-0-NULL-NULL-NULL-002 gets you some very nice starting equipment. Similarly kill counts can be edited.

So I made myself a level 50 character with a tidy pile of gold, a RoL and two RoLS and set out. The plaguestriders killed me (level 50 with no regen and next to no heal potions, maybe not the best idea). Okay, try again. 983041 small wasp kills and experience to match plus previous edits. Level 1 to 75 having visited two locations. That got me to Remgard easily for my quest experiment.

Using this file is cheating, but maybe you don't care. I don't. (And as a word of warning: the gold this character has is wrong in the "for show" field. When you look at in the game load menu it shows as 16 gold, but once loaded there's a lot more.)

"Cheatz" created June 2020.