Cracker Page Explanations


Eventually I envision this as a PDR of cracker knowledge. Contraindications, availiblity, conflicts, et cetera, all availble for free and easy use on the 'Net. Currently however, I have only a small sample of crackers and medium supply of information on each. Donations of crackers (in original packaging) and funds to further my research will gladdly be accepted. For more information on where you can send your donations, look here. Thank you.

Notes on the data provided

Manufacturer refers to the brand name under which the product is marketed, not necessarally the parent company. Counts next to the word "column" for the packaging style refer to the number of crackers in our test sample. Packaging design is (in gerneral) taken from smaller sized packages in the product line. The images are not to scale. The number per ounce (28.35 grams) is rounded up to the nearest integer. Recommended dose is the suggested serving size from the box side. Ingredients are as printed on the US packaging.

Nurtrition information is not provided because my OCR software does horrible things with tables, besides it is largely progranda in the US anyway.

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