It is a little known fact that the Wumpus is the result of bio-enginering a Bugblatter Beast of Traal to be more intelligent. So while a Bugblatter Beast will eat the grandmother of a Vogon because she is there, a Wumpus will eat her to spite the Vogon. The genetic manipulation of the Bugblatter Beast was performed by the legendary labs of Largo Alpha Prime under a commision from the Syrus Cybernetics Corp for the purpose of creating low-wage trainable guard animals. Unfortunately the Wumpus was made too smart for this. It would feign obedience up until the point the trainer thought it was ht'rop's best friend and then eat the trainer in a fit of spleenful anger. Upon learning of this unfortuate problem, the research department of Syrus Cybernetics immediately recommended a dozen to guard the executive parking lot in a fit of spleenful revenge for having their budget halved.

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