junk mail digest

A junk mail scoring perl script, in two versions.

  1. The original jmdigest by johnbob (original URL: http://www.io.com/~johnbob/jm/index.html but it 404s now)
  2. My ASSM jmdigest the above edited by Benjamin Elijah Griffin for alt.sex.stories.moderated submission filtering

Both versions use jmpack.pl for library functions. There are comments in jmdigest-assm one about needing to get a jmdrc, just use "jmdigest-assm -f" to regenerate one for you. Also note that all the netusa.net URLs in there are bad now.

Here's a procmail recipe to use jmdigest:

      # Use a lock file on jmdigest, not because it modifies files, but
      # to keep too many of them from running at once and eating cpu time
      # unreasonably.

      # Experimental scoring. Doesn't redirect mail, just adds a new header
      # with the score it received. Slow and cpu expensive.
      * $ `$HOME/jmdigest -`^0
      { }



      * score ?? ^^[1-9]
      | formail -A"JMDigest-Score: bad $score"

      | formail -A"JMDigest-Score: good $score"

jmdigest, jmdigest-assm, jmpack.pl, and the above procmail recipe are released without copyright or warrantee.