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Crazy Horse Memorial

Started in the 1940s as a one-man project, this museum memorial is still a work in progress, carving a mountain into a representation of Crazy Horse on his steed. (Crazy Horse never allowed his picture to be taken, so it is not his likeness.) The 'Carving a Mountain' section is informative on this uncommon medium.

dead link: http://www.crazyhorse.org/

Fixed Link

The Unofficial Nintendo Virtual Boy Home page

Lots of technical information on this dead-end game platform. This is one of those things that I didn't let slip past me, like the PXL-2000. Instead I found it being remaindered and picked up the device, all the accessories, and all the games the store had for about a hundred bucks. The two main drawbacks I see in this design are the monochromatic display and it is impossible for someone to watch you play. Even with a Gameboy you could watch over someone's shoulder.