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Red Headed Woman (1932)

Red Headed Woman at IMDB

This is a "pre-code" Hollywood film that would probably get a PG rating if made today.

One of the first scenes:

"Red" (Lillian) trying on a dress in a store: Can you see through this? Clerk (off camera): I'm afraid you can. "Red" (Lillian): I'll take it.

Lillian has decided that she's going to "cross the railroad tracks" and the best way to pull herself across (and up) is insinuate herself into her boss' life. Bill Legendre Jr's existing wife is not a moral dilemma for Lillian, but a lever to help Lillian manipulate him.

Jean Harlow plays Lillian as a stalker / gold-digger just shy of restraining order territory. Everyone else comes across as slightly inept in dealing with her. Bill (Jr)'s butler is unable to stop her from barging into the house. Bill (Sr) is unable to fire her. Irene Legendre is all to quick to play the unreasoning jealous wife.

Three garter belts out of four.

Final thought: got this as part of a "Forbidden Hollywood" DVD set from his library