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Bound (1996)

Jennifer Tilly is Violet, the moll of a mobster type and ex-con turned maintenance worker Gina Gershon (Corky) hatch a plan to steal some laundered mone from the mobster.

I just watched it last night. I enjoyed it and found the cinematography very appealling. The "laundering" is quite literal here. It's stolen money recovered from someone who was killed after turning it over. Joe Pantoliano (Caesar) is washing the blood off, hanging the bills to dry and ironing them. It's an amusing sight.

I noticed Susie Bright (well known erotica author and editor) in the lesbian bar. I noticed that there is no continuity in apartment layout.

Corky is working in the apartment to the left of Violet. From the door in both apartments there is a large room to the left. In Violet's it is the living room. The bathroom is clearly to the right of that room in both apartments, the location of the bedroom is not obvious. But a number of scenes rely on the bedroom or the bathroom to have a shared wall between so that people can hear what's going on on the other side.

That's not mentioned with the goofs at imdb, but it bothered me more than all of the goofs that are listed.

Final thought: I was also amused by Corky's way of carrying lockpicks