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Hamlet 2

Short review of Hamlet 2 (IMDB page)

It goes for cheap jokes instead of thoughtful ones at almost every turn, but at least it's reasonably clever with the cheap jokes. One early scene has drama teacher Dana Marschz agonizing over a review that tears his production of Erin Brockovich a new one. Then Dana confronts the reviewer and we learn he's probably fourteen. The review was funny, the identity of the reviewer isn't clever though. The movie is filled with those things.

A quote from The Tall Guy now:

Mary: Well, the only other thing at the moment is a new musical that the RSC are doing.
Dexter: Er, what's it about?
Mary: The Elephant Man.
Dexter: A musical of the Elephant Man? What's it called?
Mary: "Elephant", I think - with an exclamation mark presumably.
Dexter: Pity the poor bastard who has to play the elephant.
Mary: Remember dearest, everyone thought Jesus Christ Superstar was a stupid idea.
Dexter: Jesus Christ Superstar WAS a stupid idea.
Mary: True.

Dana learns his beloved drama class is being cancelled, and after consulting with the young reviewer decides to embark upon one last blow-out production to save the class. It's as bad an idea as a musical Elephant Man.

Brie (Dana's wife): Doesn't everybody die at the end of the first one? Dana: I have a device. Brie: "The time machine door opened --" Dana: That, that's the device Brie: "-- revealing Hamlet, Gertrude, Polonius, and Hillary Clinton having what appears to be group sex."

(The actual production lacks that scene.)

Five movie references out of ten.

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Final thought: watch The Tall Guy instead if you've never seen it