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Covid-19, Day 135

Today's numbers: New York State has 345,045 reported cases and 26,981 deaths. California has 71,051 cases. US overall 1,375,542 cases and 82,030 deaths. World wide infections are at 4,280,000 and deaths stand at 290,370. It is still widely believed all of these numbers are undercounts due to testing shortages and delays. In particular, the US is leading the world in cases and still hasn't gotten a handle on testing.

I hear (well, read) lots of speculation that Trump has stopped caring about the death and destruction. Rich people can better isolate themselves and pay for treatment, so it's only poor people seriously affected. Force them back to work so people who run businesses and people who invest can get back to making money. It's easy to believe he's that callous and self-centered based on his frequent public speaking in which he denies any responsibility and lazily tries to blame others.

The Supreme Court is back in session, but now with all remote cases. Just today they heard arguments in a group of cases all trying to get access to his tax records. His being Trump's. The cases involve, eg, New York State having subpeonaed his accounting firm to investigate tax fraud with the Trump Foundation, his dubious charity.

I have been cautiously going back in stores and getting takeout food again, but am still getting the bulk of the shopping done by services. Several restaurants have switched over to repacking restaurant sized ingredients for consumers and selling that. Buy through their website then pickup at the door.

store sign demanding people wear masks

Around here, mask wearing is done by the majority of people most of the time. San Francisco requires shoppers to wear masks, and compliance has been good. Other parts of the country are not like this.

Overall the differences from last year's normal are less jarring day by day. Some people have been complaining that it's hard to tell Monday from Tuesday from Saturday from Wednesday and are still counting days, at least humorously, in March. May 12th is March 73rd. I'm not having that trouble. I have noticed wildlife in the city seems different. Pigeons seem scarce and song birds seem louder. Last week I heard coyotes. A first for this neighborhood, where there are no wooded parks for them to live in. It's not all bad.