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The Proceedings of the Old Bailey London

Over one hundred fifty years of court case transcripts from the Old Bailey in London, starting from 1674. How would you react if you heard someone breaking into your house? Now if you couldn't call the police? Thomas White got his man and neighbors to help search his cellars when it happened to him on 22 October 1780. This and many other stories of the impact of crime on everyday lives are found here.

dead link: http://www.oldbaileyonline.org.uk/

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Tree of Life

This website, structured after the standard "Latin name" taxonomy of known to science living things, has entries on many thousands of species, with many photographs, life cycle details, etc. I've looked nearly all of the cephalopod pages.


The Riveting, Super-Exciting, Egg Rearing Journal

A cephalopod fan while looking for a large octopus to buy finds a pet shop with a mom octopus with a cache of eggs. Thus begins a quest to raise baby octopuses at home, a seriously non-trivial task.

dead link: http://www.jimbolouislabs.com/eggjournal.htm

Ant Web

The work of one dedicated ant researcher, this site has information on the different species of ants. Emphasis is on those found in (but not necessarily native to) California and Madagascar, but that is not an exclusive focus. If you drill down, you can see some pretty big pictures of these little bugs.