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Mini-reviews of in-flight films

I flew San Francisco to Seattle, Seattle to Iceland, and then (a few days later) Iceland to Heathrow without watching any films. On the way back I watched two:

Syriana, which I had a lot trouble following because the sound was poor, so I won't be harsh about it.

War Dogs, which was okay. It is somewhat based on real events, but as told in the story I had doubts about a lot of details. It makes the narrating character very much a victim of events and his business partner (Jonah Hill's character) a real sleazeball. That gives me very strong vibes of "liberties taken with the story". Checking Wikipedia, it seems like this is heavily fictionalized. But it is entertaining, and moment to moment I could believe the characters, even if overall it was too much.

Seven months house arrest out of a full year.

I also read most of Henrietta Lacks while in flight.