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The Wages of Fear

The Wages of Fear (1953, original title "Le salaire de la peur") at IMDB

They came for the jobs, and then couldn't get home. A small town in South America where the only big employer is the Yankee "Southern Oil Company" (SOC) and there are no roads further than the derricks and no money for the air tickets. Trapped with no exit and barely money to eat, it's a desperate crowd.

Then there is the accident. Four dead and nine injured in an explosion at a drill site. The gusher continues to burn and a plan is hatched. Surround the fire with explosives, and blow it out with a big bang. The big problem? Moving all the nitroglycerine the three hundred miles from HQ to to well, with no safety equipment.

Better get some of the local bums to drive. Those guys don't have a union or families that will cause trouble. Just offer a big bonus for surviving and they'll jump at the chance.

Twenty miles of washboard gravel road to start the morning, out of twenty-two. The pre-drive part of the movie is kinda slow, but the drive is excellent.

I heard about it from a Frenchman discussing pot holes, which prompted me to watch it.