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More movies different than the book

Here's the quick summary of Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs, which I have read. (I have not seen the movie, I have seen clips.) Grandpa is making pancakes and one flies too far while being flipped. That becomes the inspiration for what is clearly a Tall Tale about an island where food falls from the sky every day. No one cooks, and no food shops exist. Restaurants have open roofs and merely supply patrons with seating and utensils. Then the weather starts turning bad: first unpleasant food, then too much, then too large. Eventually the townsfolk decide they have had enough and build boats from extra large bread and peanut-butter and flee the island. They use the bread to build new, temporary, houses on a far away shore. Then the kids go to sleep and dream about mashed potato mountains.

Final thought: thinks this movie shares as little with the book as Shrek