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Zack and Miri Make a Porno

This week his (Kevin Smith) first film directing someone else's story comes out: Cop Out. I'm interested in seeing it.

But that's not the subject here.

The one disc edition I got from my local library (which has a box just labeled "Zack and Miri" but has the proper name in the catalog) had a collection of "deleted" scenes (many were alternate versions) as long as the movie. After a while I just started fast forwarding because it was so much. I liked finding out about the trophy which I had noticed and wondered about.

(After our heros return from the reunion, Zack tosses a trophy down. In the deleted scenes we find that they live across the street from the location and got the trophy for "coming the shortest distance." The acceptance speech ends up getting Zack thrown to the ground out the door. Then Z&M decide it will take too long to warm the car up, so they walk back.)

One thing that struck me was the parallels between this and Kevin Smith's career. Two surly and slackerish clerks who don't get along with their boss pull themselves up by making a film — shot at the store they work at, then (using the infomercial as evidence) they go on to become successful film makers.

Final thought: N.B. It was a regular box label, not some specially made one.