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Megamind shows how much Dreamworks computer animation has advanced. The animation in Madagascar was crude compared to Pixar of the same day. The gap has narrowed. I was quite impressed with the range of transparent materials, from the invisible car, goblets of liquid, windows clean and dirty, each changing the way things looked. In many ways it serves as a proxy for the materials emulated in the world illustrated.

The story, is not bad, good even, but not outstanding. Many parts are ripped from / similar to / pay homage to other movies such as Superman and Dispicable Me.

The general plot is at least a novel twist on super-hero and super- villain. The villain is happy in his role, and when he wins the fun all goes out of it, leaving him feeling "melancholy" (but Megamind pronounces it funny, his pronounciations are a chink in his armor). What he decides to do to improve his spirits is unusual and forms the second half of the film. The "Tighten" name mocked recently comes right from the film, apparently Titan himself doesn't know how his name is spelt (others in the film get it right).

I saw it in 3D, but not Imax, the 3D is not essential but not too much overdone. Some of the trailers, ugh. I want to stay far away from that Yogi bear film, and triply so for the 3D version.

Final thought: four death ray option settings out of five