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The best Philip K. Dick movie not by Philip K. Dick of the year. There is a lot of Groundhog Day thrown in with the "what's real and what's not?" and borderline telepathic crime fighting, the latter two being strong PKD themes.

What we have is a military experiment to get someone to relive the last few minutes of a dead man's life — in this case someone killed by an act of terrorism — in an attempt to prevent more associated crimes. Each run begins in the same place, and each run ends with him dying. In between he is somewhere else and being interrogated about what he has learned.

Can Captain Colter Stevens (who considers him self a military pilot) acting in the body of Sean Fentress, a now deceased passenger, do anything to save the people on the train? Can he find out what's been happening him in the past couple of months? This reliving someone else's life is jarring on the memory. As it goes on his memory improves, but it just brings more questions.

Pretty entertaining, if not very plausible. Six minutes of a dead man's life out of eight.

Groundhog Day at IMDB

Final thought: saw this on 's dime today