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Go watch The Watchmen

In Aug of 2009, I wrote:

I enjoyed it a lot and I have not read the original. Judging by the special features, the Rorschach character is a favorite of people who read the book, but he definately wasn't a favorite of mine (not that I disliked him). The Comedian, there was a character I liked. Here's a misanthrope who believes life's biggest joke is life, a cynical muscle man with a big sexist streak, but at times has a Lebowski air to him.

Having now completed the book, I can see how Rorschach is more significant there (at least more significant than I remember him in the movie). Much of the story is clearly told from Rorschach's point of view. The Comedian is here, but seems a more minor character. Much of the story is as I remember it from the film, and the panels have very careful art that foreshadows and hints and provides depth.

There are some things, besides the psychic squid, that are only in the book. There is an arc with a kid reading an old comic (there is a difference in halftone size to show the switch) with bits of that story echoing things going on around him ("Tales of the Black Freighter", a demonic pirate story). Each chapter in the book (presumably issue in the original) ends with a non-comic segment. "Excerpts" from books, magazines, and other sources, providing additional background on various characters and the world they live in.

I don't read a lot of graphic novels (or even novels) but I enjoyed this.

Final thought: heading to the library to try to get How Buildings Learn next