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Russian Doll

It's very Groundhog Day without being Groundhog Day and there are ways you can tell the rules apart by paying attention to details (and it will be called out later, if you missed it). A woman dies at her own 36th birthday party, only to find herself back in the bathroom at that party. It won't be her first death and return to that room.

I made the mistake of watching Black Mirror: Bandersnatch and then starting Russian Doll right afterwards. I don't recommend that pairing. Bandersnatch has a completely different set of rules for why the character goes back and restarts time with a knowledge of it restarting. The suspension of disbelief transition ended up being very awkward.

Five cocaine-laced joints out of five, but it's one joint across multiple lives.

FWIW: Bandersnatch was okay, but not the best of Black Mirror.