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The Mandalorian

Mandalorian at IMDB

I've been watching this, but it's continually disappointed me. There are four episodes out now of this Star Wars universe "cowboy" story and while it looks pretty, the writting is lazy. There's repeated use of mantra-like sayings such as "I have spoken" and "This is the way" that seem cultured to be as cute as the baby Yoda which Disney doubtlessly hopes to make mint off of in the toy market. But contrast against that there's you have to learn to ride this creature to get there but apparently you can just walk back afterwards. (And how do you learn to ride the creature? Try a bunch of times, give up, get a one sentence shaming speech and then next time it just works.) And that's just episode one. In episode two, there's the thing that can't be killed until one simple distraction and then a small knife'll do. In episode three there's a full deus ex machina escape. In episode four you'll find a warmed over plotline I can recall seeing more interestingly done in three movies (one of which is a G-rated animation) and I'm only saying "three" because I'm being kind and not comparing it to the other films with this exact plot which I have not actually watched.

So, yeah. Full marks for for looks cool, one messy egg yolk for story.

Why didn't baby yoda eat that second frog? probably for calculated cuteness?

P.S.: On the other hand, this trailer for the Mandalorian with new sound is something to behold: elvishpresley trailer edit on twitter.

Some 90 seconds, and the new audio is the point so sound matters.