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Reboot 2020

Sometime in late 2003 I created this blog to be a set of bookmark links for myself and to share. About five years later, in lage 2008 I stopped updating it, by then the updates were very infrequent anyway. No one really visited, I had a nasty experience with MSNbot hammering it and nearly blowing my "free" (base included) bandwidth quota, and no good way to update it remotely. Plus heirarchies of links, like Yahoo pioneered, have really gone out of fashion.

Yahoo! (ontological directory portion)1994December 2014
DMOZ (Directory MOZilla)1998March 2017
Curlie (DMOZ spin-off)2017not yet

BUT I never took it down and it continued to exist as a ghost site for years. Now I have decided to reboot. I've left the existing entries as a historical archive, but many of those links have gone stale. As of today, I've refreshed the config to prefer https, switched the domain to my personal one, and made some trivial changes to the page template. Blosxom, the blog software used, no longer has a homepage at raelity.org; tribe.net no longer exists to provide a place for commenting (not that anyone ever did); the tiny fonts I like are not going to be popular, so resize; changes like that.

I don't know what I will have here, but I anticipate a mix of just random thoughts and explaining myself (like this post), recipes, reviews of things I've watched or read, photo posts, and technical posts.