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First patch!

A couple of things I want for here: permalinks to posts and pagination to browse through older posts. I had the cooluri plugin for permalinks and the pagination plugin for, well, pagination. Each worked on their own, but installed with all the others I was having issues.

I dug in and figured it out. I've renamed cooluri now to nowcooluri, this forces it after menu (otherwise on permalink pages the side menu counts are all broken), and have it set a global $use_permalink when it's filtering is in place. And if $use_permalink is set, disable the pagination in paginationqz (renamed just to show it's a local version).

And when $use_permalink is set, disable the category filtering in blosxom itself. See 2020-02-24-permalinks.patch

Longer term, I think I will combine the permalink and pagination into a single plug-in, so that on a page for a single entry I have have next/previous links to newer and older single entries.

PS: github.com/Eli-the-Bearded/qaz-blog/