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New Plugins!

I've been thinking about writing a tag plug-in, and making that combined pagination / permalinks plug-in I mentioned earlier. But I put that off in order to write some smaller plugins to get myself more familiar with the code.

Both of the new plugins are very similar to the sample one in the plugins developer documentation. One of them fixes how I think blosxom should work: keep the templates out of the blog data directory. (Blosxom does not do that, so that you can have different templates in different subdirectories if you want. I don't want.) The other replaces the template reader to substitute new templates, but only on April Fool's Day (April 1st).

plugins/flavour_dir takes a single configuration parameter to hold the location for the flavours. Now my git tree will match how the blog actually is. (I do not keep the blog posts in git.)

notused-plugins/april_fools takes a single configuration parameter to hold the name of the new flavour to use on April Fool's Day.

And while I was at it, I've updated the css file to make <code> and <pre> tags much more visible; fixed the styles to be more phone friendly (but there's more to do); added a copyright notice; removed all of the HTML validation errors, there are still some warnings.

Once I get tags and tag searching working, I think this will be much better. But it's coming along.