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A new pagination plugin

I found my "round tuit" and rewrote the old paginate plugin to include the features of cooluri, thus superceding my modified versions of both of those (paginateqz-v0.10, nowcooluri-v0.2).

The new paginateqz handles both at once allowing me to have the "newer" and "older" pagination links on permalink pages, and those links go through posts a single entry at a time. This is the feature I really wanted. It works just like a real blog now!

At the same time I added some features. There's a new interpolation variable $paginateqz::np_sep which is a separator only set when next and previous links are set. The template filler in paginateqz now is respectful of how you may have a plugin to find templates (spoiler, I do) and how you may have a plugin to do interpolation (I do not).

Next up will be a tagging plugin. I have a draft which can find and display tags, but it does not let one search by tags, yet. I also need to actually go and tag posts for it to be useful. After that, I'll have all the features I find essential. Non-essential, but nice to have, will include searching and comments. The comments one is hard because of spammers. Tags that search takes me to 80% value of complete search, I think.