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Ides of March Patch

The Ides of a month in Roman counting is where they switched from counting days up in a month to counting days down. The Ides of March was also the day newly elected leaders took office. Julius Casear declared himself Emperor, no longer an elected leader, and the Ides was thus a fitting day to be elected dead.

On a totally unrelated note, I have a new patch ready.

This reorders some code, to ensure the &$interpolate() configurable function is available early. I'll use it in filter() in my new tags plugin (probably ready tomorrow). I've also fixed a bug that was sometimes doubling up the last post on a page. I didn't bother figuring out how code execution gets there, just added next; to restart the loop if it happens. I don't know if that only occurred because of my plugins, or if it was a long standing bug in blosxom for everyone.

I also removed the place were it sets -quiet as a param, I don't think that was used anywhere, but it caused it to be added to CGI parameters.

Lastly, I modified the version number in the code.