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Commentaries on Cheap Pens

One man's (Phil Agre's) commentary on inexpensive disposable pens. No pictures, just text. It would be nice to have reference pictures of the pens, but oh well.

dead link: http://polaris.gseis.ucla.edu/pagre/pens.html

Tim Hunkin: engineer * cartoonist

Lots of good stuff here. Specialty arcade machines, like a photo booth equipped to distract you while the photo is taken (eg by dropping the seat, or blowing cold air at you); notes and shots for 'The Secret Life of Machines' television program; homemade cameras; various large clocks, etc.



Jonah Brucker-Cohen's website documenting his many art project hacks. Includes things like an engine that projects search terms out its exhaust pipe (called "search engine"), a radio controlled fleet of toy police cars that are triggered by a carnivore like IP traffic sniffer, and a build for $10 bucks or less "Drawbot" that rumbles around on three drawing pens.