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Build a "Square Incher" Microkite

Plans for a mylar kite with with a surface area of about one and a half square inches (on each side). Perfect for a kite to fly in the breeze of your computer power-supply fan. (I used mylar from potato chip bag for mine.)

dead link: http://www.vientocero.com/kpb/planos/micropln/micropln.html


The Pot-in-Pot is a very low tech, no electricity, no compressor, refrigerator. As the name implies it is made from two pots, one inside the other, and the gap filled with wet sand. The evaporation of water from the middle layer is the source of the cooling. Invented by Mohammed Bah Abba of Nigeria.

dead link: http://hinterlands.cc/index.php?showtopic=30

Pepsi-G Stove

This is a camping stove made from aluminum cans and epoxy. The basic design works with most any soda or beer cans, but the specifics here are geared towards a 12oz Pepsi can and a 14.9oz Guinness can.

dead link: http://www.pcthiker.com/pages/gear/pepsiGstoveinstruct.shtml