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The Automat

History and other information (such as recipes) on Horn and Hardart's Automat resturant. Too bad the pictures are so small.

dead link: http://www.theautomat.com/index2.html

2020 Update: That site seems to have gone away, but there is a different site related to Automats at theautomat.com, just don't expect recipes.

Monarchs of Britain

Cronological listing of England's kings.

dead link: http://www.britannia.com/history/h6f.html

2020 Update: These days Wikipedia is pretty good for that sort of thing, except in this case Wikpedia gets picky. The monarchs of England are different than the monarchs of Britain at Wikipedia. Britain begins with James I and VI, James the First of England and James the Seventh of Scotland, who oversaw the unification of the two into Britan. (Also he was the King James of the King James Bible.) So one has to look elsewhere for a list from Egbert to Elizabeth II. (Again, Wikipedia begins at Alfred the Great, some five kings and 30 odd years later, because the Saxon kings don't count as monarchs of England to them.)

Oyez Project SCOTUS MP3 files

This site has mp3 files of the oral arguments in many important older decisions: Miranda v Arizona (1966), Roe v Wade (1973), NY Times v US (1971, the Pentagon Papers case), Loving v Virgina (1967), and a number of less famous cases. These files are large, and not always very clear.

dead link: http://www.oyez.org/oyez/resource/nitf/273/

2020 Update: Oyez reoganized. The cases are still there, and not just important ones, but you have to search for them. Loving v Virgina, for example.

Japanese Toy to Make Records

This started out as a post about a new toy available in Japan to make audio records (as in "gramophone") on CDs and other flat discs, and branched off to include some other related ideas. I want one of those toys.

dead link: http://www.boingboing.net/2004/06/03/japanese_toy_turns_c.html

2020 update: the company that made those toys, Gakken, went on to produce several other kits, including record recorder / players that use plastic cups and candles as the media. Here's a "how to" on assmebling the plastic cup version: Building the Gakken Cup Phonograph Kit.

I did eventually find the CD recorder and the plastic cup recorder available for sale in San Francisco's Japantown. I purchased, assembled, played with, and gave them away (probably to SCRAP, the Scaveger's Center for Recycled Art Products (or some such name)).