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Japander: Arnold Schwarzenegger

See California's Governor's history as a Japanese corporate mouthpiece in these old ads.


2020 Update: Youtube was founded the year after I wrote that post -- 2005 -- and has proved itself a great dumping ground for random old and foreign commercials. It's the place where everyone would look for such stuff now, but I couldn't believe a site accepting random video from the world would succeed when it launched. It is just too expensive to do that, which is perhaps why Youtube still has so few competitors: early product found an eager audience and other companies didn't want to emulate it until too late.

Neave Games

Flash emulations of old computer games, with source. Whee!

dead link: http://www.neave.com/games/

Update: Neave still has some games, a mix of HTML5 and Flash. No source, not really much in the way of "old games emulated", but there is Snake. The Bouncy Ball game, when set to eyeballs, is briefly amusing.

Fixed Link

Willmore Works

Lamps (mostly), candle sticks, clocks, designed with interesting aesethic. The lamps primarly use lots of small bulbs in interesting configurations. Other objects have recurring circle and ball motifs.

dead link: http://www.e-dot.com/

2020 update: Nik Willmore's web presence seems gone, but here's a how-to on building a .a https://www.instructables.com/id/Mad-Scientists-Light/ "Willmore inspired lamp" on Instructables.

Mainspring Press 78rpm Record Label Gallery

American record labels to about 1943. Mostly just pictures.

dead link: http://www.mainspringpress.com/lom_intro.html

2020 Update: that gallery seems to be gone, but there's a bunch of other, related, stuff on the site. Link