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Animal Group Names (Collective Nouns)

From the Christchurch, New Zealand Library system comes this reference for collective nouns for different types of animals: "caravan of camels", "pride of lions", "murder of crows", etc.

dead link: http://library.christchurch.org.nz/Childrens/FactSheets/AnimalGroupNames.asp

2020 Update: Here is an alternative list of such.

Church Sign Generator

This tool makes church front announcement signs with up to four lines of your own text.

dead link: http://www.aboyandhiscomputer.com/churchsigngenerator/index.php

2020 Update: That site has apparently changed hands. There are similar sign generators out there, but not that one. Red Kid has a variety of formats including a similar school sign and Big Boy diner, and Oakland Grand Lake Theatre. A footnote says the site is based on the original code.


Hardware Book

A large collection of specifications for computer cables and connectors. A little out of date, but good for older devices.

dead link: http://hardwarebook.net/

2020 update. Fixed link, but the new site is kinda broken, like it's missing a style sheet. And it gives completely different content for http:// (real but broken) and https:// (a default site template).