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The Spongebob Movie: Sponge Out of Water


I needed to do something kid-friendly outside of the house for a few hours on Friday night. I've watched the show from time to time, admittedly not recently or often. The show is tolerable, so I thought the movie might be okay.

It was a total lack of funny. Throughout the movie there are references to many other films. I saw them and recognized them, but they didn't make the flim more enjoyable. The selling point of the film is the out-of-water three dimensional rendering with live action people part. But that's a very small part of the runtime. (I know this is the selling point because I heard kids say so and complain about the lack of fulfillment of that advertising promise.)

I'm going to rate this as a buck and a quarter out of a pirated buck crabby patty. (I did not watch it in the 3-D version.)