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The Fall — follow-up

Finished with The Fall so returning to it.

Open questions: will Ex-Girlfriend be killed? Will Babysitter tell the police what she's figured out? Will Babysitter be killed? Will The Killer be caught alive or killed? If alive, will he have a weepy apology to his Daughter? Will Spineless Gerry Adams suffer for his moral lapses?

There was an apology for "spending time on his projects" instead of with her. To avoid spoilers, I won't reveal the other answers.

Pretty much certain: Lesbian will not sleep with Uberwoman. (Uberwoman's loins will itch for the rest of the story.) Wife will not be killed and will not get an explanation or apology. There will be an overhead shot of The Killer after the resolution, either his body, or him being escorted by police.

Uberwoman's loins got scratched with a character introduced after I wrote that. Otherwise, these were all correct.

Possible bonus: having referenced Nietzsche and the Inferno already, there will be one more high literature reference just before the resolution. Maybe Faust?

No, at least not obvious enough that I could notice.

Rating unchanged: "I'm going with a rating of 25 tropes out of 50."