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November Third, Twenty-twenty

Night view of a lit up window with a mannequin

I saw this many times over the past month, mostly at night where it stands out from the brightly lit window.

Day view of same window with a mannequin

During the day it is easier to miss.

Closer view of the window, showing mannequin has VOTE TRUMP sign

The "VOTE TRUMP" sign is not typical of this neighborhood.

Closer still, showing mannequin with VOTE TRUMP sign is the Devil

A mannequin dressed as the devil during the run up to Halloween, well that is typical.

I Voted! sticker and San Francisco ballot voter stubs

When I voted in 2016, there were about 120 votes cast at my local polling place. (San Francisco has a lot of polling locations, so between that and people voting by mail 120 is not a bad turnout.) There were something like three votes for Trump at that location in 2016. Today I was voter #35 there, and I expect the Trump vote will be less this time.